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Electric vs. Gas Vehicles

So, you’ve decided it’s time to get yourself a new car near Kenosha, Pleasant Prairie, or Racine, Wisconsin! Now, you have one more decision: should you buy an electric or gas-powered vehicle? Your friends at Gordie Boucher Ford of Kenosha are here to help you decide.

Electric vehicles have numerous advantages, and at the same time, there are many reliable Ford gas models, too. We’ll break down what you need to know about electric vs. gas vehicles in this overview.

How Electric vs. Gas Vehicles Work

First, let's dive into how gas-powered and electric vehicles get you from point A to point B.

Gas-powered cars rely on fuel to create power. This fuel is burned in the engine, which mixes with air in the cylinders. The spark plugs ignite this mixture, causing the engine pistons to move. As you drive, the engine continues burning fuel to keep everything running smoothly.

On the flip side, electric cars operate differently. They're powered by electricity stored in the battery pack, which flows to the motor when you press the accelerator. They rely entirely on the energy stored in their batteries to propel them forward.

Electric vs. Gas Vehicles Cost of Ownership

One of the burning questions we often get from customers is about the cost. How does the price tag stack up when it comes to owning these different types of rides?

Well, let's start with electric cars. They tend to have fewer moving parts than their gas counterparts. That means fewer trips to the repair shop and lower maintenance costs in the long haul.

Plus, with electricity often cheaper than gasoline, fueling up an electric vehicle can be lighter on the wallet over time. And hey, here's a bonus: because electric cars produce fewer emissions, you might even score some sweet incentives or tax credits.

Of course, gas-powered rides have their perks, too! With numerous gas cars out there—both new and pre-loved—you've got options galore. There's something for every budget and style.

Plus, let's be real: gas cars are what we're used to. They're familiar, they're comfy, and they've been cruising the roads for decades. So, whether you're team electric or team gas, rest assured, there's a ride out there with your name on it!

Electric vs. Gas Vehicle Shopping Options

Whether you're into electric or gas-powered wheels, you have many options in the Ford lineup. You can visit our dealership to discover the world of reliable possibilities waiting for you, regardless of your fueling preferences.

If you're looking for a traditional ride to get your family around town, you may enjoy Ford SUVs like the Ford Explorer or Ford Edge. They're trustworthy choices for an upcoming road trip. Additionally, there's the legendary Ford F-150, dominating the roads for decades.

Alternatively, if you're eager to jump on the electric vehicle bandwagon, there are Ford EVs for you, too. The Ford F-150 Lightning combines the classic F-150 look with an impressive all-electric powertrain, offering some sustainable muscle for the road ahead. You may also enjoy the futuristic Ford Mustang Mach-E, a head-turning electric SUV.

The Ford lineup contains both electric and gas options to attract attention wherever you go.

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We hope this article has answered your top questions on electric vs. gas vehicles. Now, is it time to start your shopping journey near Kenosha, Pleasant Prairie, or Racine, WI? Visit us at Gordie Boucher Ford of Kenosha!

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